Sunday, 21 October 2018

Sunday Stillness

The stillness of a misty Sunday morning.....


Sunny, 14°, light WNW.

A visit to Otmoor this afternoon, initially struck by the lack of wet areas presumably as a result of the dry summer and subsequently a lack of birds!

2 Marsh Harrier seen quartering the reed beds and the odd Red Kite and Buzzard overhead.

Very few duck species seen, Mallard, Teal and Wigeon were the only ones noted and a few Common Snipe were the only waders.

Everything was quite distant so a lot of cropping on the photos.

A Cetti’s Warbler heard and quite a few Starling coming in presumably to roost but did not stay ‘til too late.

first 4 photos courtesy Loren.

 No Duck
2 Duck
A few Duck
 Common Darter
 Wigeon & Common Snipe
 Marsh Harrier (above & below)

Dog's Breakfast 2018..

There's one event on the doggy calendar that we never miss.. the City of Wanneroo's Dog's Breakfast and although yesterday was overcast with drizzle at times there was no stopping enthusiastic dog owners from bringing their furry family members out for a meet and greet. So many gorgeous dogs big, small and in-between..look at that sweet little King Charles spaniel below with his booties on 💙

Chatting to the gentleman below I mentioned the subject of  'do owners look like their pets', he laughed and said when this gorgeous dog sits on his lap it's hard to tell where his beard ends and the dog's coat starts :)

The shot below made me smile. I imagined the dog thinking 'yes human get money, lots of money, I need.. stuff!' 🐕

This has to be my favourite shot of the day. This dear old sweetie arrived in her pram as we were leaving, her owners explaining that she has rheumatism in her back legs but that was not going to stop her coming to enjoy watching the fun, such a sweet face. One of my favourite events, hope you enjoyed also, happy Monday, take care and stay safe..

Saturday, 20 October 2018

invest in oil

The Duggers: Christiana, TN Photographer {Nashville Family Photographer}


On Saturday around midday I found some dramatic clouds sitting above this canola field out on the way to Dunnstown. The yellow makes a great contrast with the dark clouds.
And an extra image from Friday mornings fantastic conditions out at Addington. After capturing the aerials in yesterdays post, down at ground level the sun had just started to burn its way through the fog......


We're Obsessing Over This Sweater

Le Fashion Blog Yellow Balloon Sleeve Sweater Via Need Supply
Photo via: Need Supply

While scrolling through our favorite online shopping destinations, we came across a sweater that rivals all of our fall basics. On Need Supply, a chartreuse-hued balloon sleeve sweater emerged out of a sea of neutrals. When paired with wide-leg white jeans and black heeled boots, it makes for the perfect statement piece.

Get the look:
+ Farrow Jule Balloon Sleeve Sweater
+ GRLFRND Carla High Rise Flared Jeans
+ Rachel Comey Zaha Fringed Ankle Boot

This Classic Pairing Never Goes Out of Style

Le Fashion Blog Easy Classic Outfit Trench Coat Striped T Shirt Midwash Denim Via Collage Vintage
Photo via: Collage Vintage

If you can't figure out what to wear this fall, just remember that going with classic pairings is always a fantastic idea. You can't go wrong with a striped tee, lightweight trench coat, and mid wash jeans. Spice it up with current accessory trends to keep things fresh.


The first flock of Lapwings of the autumn arrive in Cholsey with up to 300 birds present today.

Photos courtesy Alan Dawson.

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